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so tired

Friday. 05. 16. 2008.

Today was the second day of working at the day-care. Working with kids is so tiring! Today was a little bit worse because it was raining in the morning so the kids didn’t get to work off their energy at the park.

We also learned today that we were actually not allowed to give kids “time-outs” when they’ve done something like hit or push another child. Apparently the Swedish way is to take the two children involved and have them talk about it. It really doesn’t work on 3 year old kids. I tried to get one to apologize to another today and he just stood there looking at the other kid with rather vacant eyes. But when in Sweden, do as the Swedes do.

Originally the owner and I agreed on me working only twice a week. Now one of the “teachers” in my department left rather abruptly so I’ve agreed to work almost every day. Luckily I don’t have to work the whole day. I only have to work 6 hours a day.

Today I got to meet some more kids. Kids that weren’t there on Monday. There’s another little girl that’s captured my heart. She’s so quiet and just super sweet. All the kids are really great even the ones who can be mean at times and get on your nerves.

I also witnessed something really disturbing today. There are a couple of little boys at the day-care who are a bit active and they’re older than the other kids. They do have a reputation of doing things like pushing the other kids and picking on them. But they are manageable.

Well, this one little boy was running around with his sticks (boys and their sticks :-D) and he ran up to a little girl that is also in our group who just arrived with her mom. The little girl’s mother in the most horrible angry voice says, “Keep that child away from my child.” I have honestly never heard more hatred coming out of an adult’s mouth towards a small child. I rarely hear that from an adult to another. It was really disturbing that someone would ever use a tone like that on a small child. It made me feel so horrible just to hear that. Some parents are just wackos.

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