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our beautiful new stove

Thursday. 05. 15. 2008.

This was our old stove.

old stove Today we got our new stove… FINALLY!

The new one is another Electrolux.

I was hoping that we would get a glass top stove but instead we got one that is very much like our old one. I’m still happy about it. It wasn’t really up to us what kind of stove we would be getting. If we wanted a fancier one, we would’ve had to pay for it. We can get ourselves a glass top stove when we buy our own place.

I cooked a lot of my “first” foods on the old stove. I baked my first pie in the oven. We cooked all our food for our first julbord using the old stove. I’m looking forward to other “first” foods on this new stove.

new stoveThe new stove has a drawer below the oven instead of a “warming area” so now my baking sheets and roasting pans have a place to go instead of hanging out in the open, collecting dust. I’m hopefully going to add more to my collection of bakeware.
I’d like a loaf pan and maybe a couple of smaller pie pans. I was telling Fredrik the other day that I want to bake 2 smaller pies instead of 1 giant pie. I can do 1 dessert-y and the other savoury.

I think the other nice thing about getting a new stove is that newer appliances tend to more energy efficient. Unfortunate thing about this new stove is that the stove top is the least energy efficient design.

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