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busy weekend

Monday. 05. 12. 2008.

It’s been busy, busy, busy since Friday.

I had the “interview” at the dagis on Friday morning. It ended kind of crappy because the lady told me that they’re not really looking for someone at the moment but they are interested in having someone work in September.


She calls me later in the afternoon sounding kind of frantic to see if I would be able to work as soon as possible. So we worked out when I would have classes and that I would start on Monday (today). That got me in a pretty good mood and pretty excited.

Fredrik came home on Friday even.

I baked my first pie which turned out to be a success.  🙂
More about the pie in another post.

We prepped the house for Ull on Friday night because we were going to the Rock Hard Festival on Saturday morning and coming home Sunday morning. We left him with 3 bowls of water and food and fresh litter.

Saturday morning was spent travelling to Düsseldorf. I totally forgot how much I didn’t like airports and flying.

Fredrik and I were both unprepared for a festival in May. It was super warm in Germany. Something like 27°C and really sunny. I got a bit of a sunburn because I had no sunblock. I was going to get some from Fredrik’s friend but we didn’t find him till a few hours into being at the festival area.

The location of the Rock Hard Festival is pretty cool. I felt like I was at Ontario Place. It’s at an amphitheatre next to a canal. Fortunately, the weather was nice; unfortunately, it was dry so the place got really dusty. We kept getting debris in our eyes and was covered in dust by the end of the day.

We got there during Exciter’s set. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of their music. Amorphis was pretty good. I like their new singer more this time. Exodus played a pretty good set. From afar they sounded like someone was playing Quake. We watched most of their set from the side of the stage ’cause Fredrik wanted to watch their drummer. We got ourselves some meat near the end of their set. I LOVE festival meat. The Germans are so good at making meat. After a few cups of sugary coffee, we went to watch Immortal. I’ve never seen Immortal before and have always wanted to. I thought they were pretty good live. Their music is so catchy. Mind you, most black metal is actually quite catchy and often have a disco-y beat. We got to hang out with some friends of Fredrik here and there throughout the festival.

After Immortal, we got on this boat for a company party. It was a “cruise” that went up and down the canal but we all thought it was pretty pointless since it was at night and there was nothing to see. Lots of drunk musicians and record label people, a result of having open bar. Fredrik and I got off the boat as soon as it docked back at the amphitheatre. We took a cab back to the hotel and passed out as soon as we washed off as much dust as we could.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to the sound of church bells, a pretty common thing in Germany. We had breakfast with Steve and had a good laugh before he went off to hang out with some lady friends of his. We cleaned up, took a nap and then packed up to check out of the hotel. Sundays are not a very nice day to be in Germany. All the shops are closed on Sundays. Luckily, there were still places to get food. We got döners for “lunch” but they were not very good. They were a bit gamier than what I’ve had before. We took the train to the airport and hung out there till our flights.

We rushed home as quickly as we could ’cause it’s the first time we’ve left Ull home by himself overnight. He was quite eager to see us. We entertained him for the rest of the night and I got ready for the big, first day of work.

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