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possible opportunity

Thursday. 05. 8. 2008.

A friend of mine from SFI works part-time at a daycare. In all honesty, she’s over qualified for this job and she knows it. But while she hasn’t mastered the Swedish language and the schools she wants to teach at hasn’t hired her yet, she works at this daycare. I hope she gets a teaching job soon. I have faith that she’ll be teaching in no time. It just takes some patience and time.


This daycare she works for has 3 different departments: one for Swedish, one for English and one for French.
I’ve called the owner in hopes that I will be able to get a job working in the English department. I have no desires to be a teacher or even work with children in my future occupation but I figured that this job is better than no job.

Not to mention the fact that I’ve had experience with childcare since I was 11. I was like a second mom to my brother and I’ve looked after all of my aunt’s kids. I used to also help out my mom when she was taking care of other people’s kids. To put it simply, I am no stranger to looking after kids. This job should be a walk in the park for me.

I’m going to meet the owner tomorrow and I guess it’ll be a casual interview. I’ve spiced up my resumé with information about having experience taking care of children. I’ve never applied for a job that requires the employer knowing that I can look after children.

If it all works out and I do get this job, I’ll be working part-time (20 hours). The pay isn’t that great by Swedish standards but comparing to the jobs I’ve worked in before, it’s the best I’ve recieved. Not only will I have something to do with my time, I’ll also get paid for it. It’s a bit of a win win situation.

I told Fredrik that if I get this job, I’m taking him out for dinner. I’m also looking forward to being able to buy him something for his birthday. We agreed no presents this Christmas because I had no money and frankly didn’t know what I could get him that he wanted that he didn’t already have.

So, here’s hoping that all goes well and I get this job. This time in 2 weeks (I’m going to ask to start the week after next) I’ll be here ranting about my job. 😉

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