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the bobble heads are going wild

Monday. 05. 5. 2008.

I’m feeling so strange right now. I know this is not something new. I’ve felt like this before but in the moment it always feels strange and frankly bothersome. I’m feeling the need to do something. Anything but at the same time I’m having a hard time sitting still. In fact, I’m fighting to urge to go do something else at the present moment.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been so focused, I had ideas and I executed them. Now I have ideas and I can’t sit still long enough to even make half way. As soon as I get started, my ideas suddenly sound like crap and I no longer want to continue.

It’s just really hard right now ’cause the feeling is driving me nuts. I’ve been pacing around the flat looking for something to do. I wish Fredrik was around to give me a hug.  😦

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