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i just don’t get it

Monday. 05. 5. 2008.

There’s this cooking show on SVT4 called Leilas mat. It’s not a terrible show but there are elements of the show that make me go, “Huh?”

For example, there was a show where she made hamburgers and fries. She cuts the pickles and raw tomato on the same cutting board as the one she put her raw hamburger patties. Maybe there was a swap out but I certainly didn’t see one. Then when she’s making the French fries, she gives a little speech about safety and testing the temperature of the oil by putting in a piece of potato. But she’s deep frying in a pan with oil that’s filled up to less than 1 inch of the pot edge. When she puts in the potato, the oil splashes over the edge of the pan on to the stove. This woman is giving us safety tips on deep frying?!

For the most part, her show’s not too bad and her recipes look pretty good but shit like that makes me cringe so much.

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