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freeze your meat

Monday. 05. 5. 2008.

Now that Fredrik is in the studio, I’m back to fending for myself. Being by myself is nothing new. I lived for most of 3 years by myself while I was in college and one of the downsides of being with a touring musician is that he goes on tour for many weeks at a time.

One thing I’ve noticed about living on my own is that I end up eating a lot of frozen foods. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not living solely on TV dinners and frozen pizzas. Although, every so often I do get a craving for TV dinners and frozen pizzas.

Anyways. Most grocery products are geared towards those living in a family unit. Not to mention buying in bulk saves you money and can be environmentally friendly. What we usually do is buy steaks and pork chops in the big package and chunk. We cut our own steaks and pork chops. Then I freeze the meat flat in a ziplock bag. After it’s frozen, I take the bag out and give it a few whacks to break the chops and steaks from each other. Now I can just take out 1 steak or pork chop when I want it.

Biggie over at Lunch in a Box has a great suggestion on how to freeze minced meat in individual portions using a ziplock bag. (

I tried it out when I made bolognese last night. Unfortunately the bolognese was a bit too runny to use the chopstick or ruler to divide. I just folded the bag in half instead to make 2 portions. Since Fredrik will be coming home on the weekends, we tend to need bigger portions of bolognese.

bolognese in a bag

I used a zipper bag from IKEA. They’re pretty handy and each box comes with 25 larger (red) bags and 25 smaller (green) bags. You can’t find ziplock bags here in Sweden. I brought over 2 boxes of the ziplock brand freezer bags. They’re so versatile. We actually use them to store our medicines and for taking our shampoos and toothbrushes on vacation so if there’s a leak it doesn’t get all over our clothes.

Just Bento also has a great tutorial on how to make individual sized servings of shepherd’s pie. (

Ull scratched me last night during one of his fits and the cut rubs against the desk while I’m typing. I think I’m gonna take a wee break from typing now.

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