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setting things on fire

Thursday. 05. 1. 2008.

Last night was Walpurgis Night (known as Valborg or Valborgsmässoafton in Sweden). Here’s a small summary of what it is. It’s a celebration that’s supposed to mark the last day of winter and the beginning of spring. People have these big bon fires and drink themselves silly. It’s originally a pagan celebration and like most pagan celebrations, Christians have decided to take over and give it some Christian meaning.

Here’s more if you want to know more. (

Today is the Swedish Labour day. Most people have the day off and apparently it’s tradition to have protests on May 1st.

I’ve got the next week and a half off from school. I was planning on going to sign myself up again at SFI but today their offices are closed. I’m gonna try to do that sometime next week.

I handed in my referat yesterday, so this holiday will be thoroughly enjoyed. Too bad Fredrik and my timing isn’t so great. I get a week and a half off and he has to go into the studio to record. But when he’s done, we’ll be going to the Rock Hard Open Air.

At the moment plans for this break is to knit, practice more yoga, bring out the bicycle and review my Swedish.

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