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Saturday. 04. 26. 2008.

Stockholm is further north than Toronto. Further up north means longer days in the summer and longer nights in the winter. In fact, in midsummer we have about 18 hours of light.

The sun started rising earlier from the equinox.

Today the sun rose at 5:02am here in Stockholm. It will rise at 6:16 in Toronto. That’s an over an hour difference.

It doesn’t bother me too much. Not now anyways.

When I came to Sweden for the first time, I was here near the end of May. The birds were singing at 4 in the morning. Back then, Fredrik was living with his grandparents and we didn’t have the heavy curtains like we do now. It was a bit of a pain in the ass.

HOWEVER, earlier sunrise means Ull is awake earlier. Not only is he awake. He’s meowing VERY LOUDLY at us from about 6am onwards. He used to do that every so often when I sleep in and he’s ready to play. But I’ve also noticed that he gets tired around 10. I guess waking up early takes its toll.

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