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Swedish television

Thursday. 04. 24. 2008.

Almost everyone has a suggestion on how I should learn Swedish. One of the most common suggestion is that I should watch Swedish television.

Oddly enough it’s not that easy to watch Swedish television.

For starters, almost all the Swedish channels air more American television shows than Swedish. They have Swedish subtitles instead of dubbing it like some other European countries.

Secondly, a lot of the Swedish television programs are very boring. But that’s not to say that it’s all boring programming.

I’ve been watching shows like Leilas Mat and Vad blir det för mat? Those are Swedish cooking shows. They don’t necessarily make Swedish food but the program is in Swedish and I think most of the time the food leans more towards the Swedish cuisine.

Every so often we catch Erik och Mackan: Hela och Ren. It’s these 2 guys who discuss about things like dirty socks, old food and there’s a guy who doesn’t shower, brush his teeth and change for 33 days. Last Sunday we watched the season’s finale and dude was offered 10 000kr to continue his “experiment”. He declined.

Most of the time when I watch Swedish television, I have to pay some serious attention to it.

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