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my kingdom for a bicycle

Thursday. 04. 24. 2008.

I actually have a bicycle already but I would like a cute bicycle. One like the one I have back in Canada.

For some reason, bicycles are super expensive here. A regular city bike with no frills will run you up at least 2000kr. I wonder why that is. My bike is not cute but it was still almost 900kr.

If I could afford it, I’d get one like the Tek Wasabi 3. Although, I would prefer to have hand brakes and maybe in pink.

I’m hoping to get the bike out sometime this week. Fredrik will go into the studio next week and that means I’ll have no car while he’s gone. It’s not really a bad thing. I’ll miss having him around the most. I’m hoping to take the subway as little as possible.

I’m hoping to be able to ride into the city for school when and if I start summer school. It’s a 14.5km ride and there are many hills. I am extremely out of shape and let me tell you, it HURTS when you get back on a bike after years of not riding. I’ll have 2 months or so to “train”.

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