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Thursday. 04. 24. 2008.

I won’t be blogging about EVERY bento I make because I don’t think that they’re THAT interesting. Sometimes there’s just not much to talk about. But I do update the bento page with pictures and a brief description of the contents. So if you don’t see bentos here, check the bento page

Today I made a bento but decided not to go to school so I enjoyed it at home with Ull. Sometimes it’s so hard not to feed him people food. I know it’s not very good but it’s not like I give him heaping amounts of food. Just a bit of meat here and there. I make sure that the food doesn’t have things like onion or garlic in it. Sometimes I give him a wee bit of my low sugar vanilla yogurt. The other day he was so enthusiastic that he flicked drops of yogurt on to his forehead. Silly little cat.

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