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brain on vacation

Tuesday. 04. 22. 2008.

I’m supposed to do this write up in Swedish and send it to my teacher and I frankly cannot do it at the present moment. I tried to work on my homework earlier and my brain has just gone completely blank. I’ll do the write up tomorrow and hope that my brain will be functioning.

Fredrik’s mother came over today with her sambo. It was a bit spontaneous but I managed to pull off a decent dinner. They were gonna stop by yesterday for a cup of coffee before they went on their cruise around Åland. But it was a bit tight, so Fredrik picked them up today when they got off the cruise instead. I like Fredrik’s mom. She’s quite lovely. I don’t really know her sambo but he seems nice too. He makes her happy.

I tried very hard to speak my best Swedish with her and her sambo. I’m sure there were plenty of mistakes and hopefully they didn’t go home thinking that I’m a big idiot.

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