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that was a fun evening

Sunday. 04. 20. 2008.

Last night’s dinner party turned out to be quite successful. Fredrik was a bit disappointed in his pepper sauce but I thought it was still quite tasty. The meat came out perfect but to some it was a bit under done. Fredrik and I thought it was perfect, warm inside but still very dark pink and a bit bloody. Fredrik made a giant potato gratin and there were also roasted carrots and sautéed zucchini and mushrooms. Emmanuelle and François brought red wine and Mårten and Julia brought cheese.

We’ll probably do this again some time this year. We were super grateful for our dishwasher. We ran 2 loads and just had to wash some of the big items and things that needed a scrubbing.

Fredrik got this German smoked beer that was quite good. I didn’t drink it but I did have a small sample of it. It smells like smoked sausages and tasted a bit like BBQ meats. It made me miss the giant grill we have back in Canada. It’s a shame that our balcony is not very big and as a courtesy to those living in the same building as us, we cannot have an outdoor grill. However, we do have a small electric one that fits on a table. Hopefully with the new wiring and breaker system, we can use it without worrying about our place burning down.

Today we’re just going to be taking it easy. It’s a lovely day. More than 10 degrees out. We really should be outside enjoying the day but we’re also tired from yesterday’s festivities. We do have to head down to the post office to pick up the Wii Mario Kart wheel Fredrik ordered. Maybe we’ll head out for a little walk.

Ull has been watching the flies that are sunning themselves on the wall of our building. He chased one in a few minutes ago. The other day I’m pretty sure he ate one. It’s not the first time he’s eaten a bug. A moth was in our flat and Fredrik swatted it down with a magazine. Ull just went right up to it and ate it. Funny since I used to say that I wish for a cat that will eat the moths to protect me.

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