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not too good with sharing

Thursday. 04. 17. 2008.

Big Love premiered last night on SVT1. It’s a HBO production and like all HBO productions, they love to show people having sex. I’m not a big fan of that (Fredrik called me a prude) but the premise is pretty interesting. It’s about a polygamist family in Utah. Chloë Sevigny plays the youngest wife of the 3 wives that the main character (Bill Paxton) has. She does a pretty good job playing a freaky religious woman.

I personally don’t know any Mormons so I have no opinions of them but things like polygamy is really not something for me. Call me selfish but I’m just not keen on the idea of sharing Fredrik with anyone.

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  1. Friday. 04. 18. 2008. 10.51 pm

    My BFF and I were hooked on this show in the states. Can’t say exactly why we love it but we do……

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