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feeling a bit grown up

Wednesday. 04. 16. 2008.

Fredrik will be going into the studio in about 2 weeks. He’ll be gone for about a month. Fortunately he’ll be home on the weekends. We’re also going to be going to Germany on one of the weekends for the Rock Hard Festival.

Last weekend we cleaned up our flat because we thought we would have Cici over but then Fredrik got sick so that got cancelled. But since we have a clean(ish) flat, we thought that we’d take the opportunity to invite some friends over for dinner. So this Saturday we’ll have not only 1 couple but 2 couples over for dinner. The plan is roast and potato gratin. We’re going to have aperitif with an assortment of wines and cheeses. I’m hoping to make a tiramisu for dessert.

At first I thought the tiramisu was going to be a no go because I couldn’t find mascarpone cheese. I found some today but the new problem was finding lady fingers. Although I’m not too worried because I’m sure I’ll be able to locate some. I’m gonna go with the recipe in jamie’s italy. (I bought a copy of Jamie at Home [in Swedish!] the other day.)

I hope we can pull it off. I’m sure even if something goes wrong, our friends will understand.

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