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char sui fan

Friday. 04. 11. 2008.

Last week I bought a piece of “picnicbog” also known as “skinkstek” which is known as leg of pork in English. I froze portions of it with various marinades and one of the marinades I used was the Lee Kum Kee char sui sauce.

Today I decided to make char sui fan which is just char sui with rice. I took the frozen pork out of the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge. I baked it on a roasting pan with a piece of parchment paper underneath the rack. I baked it at 125°C and then turned it up to 150°C in the last 20 minutes to put some colour on the meat. I saved the marinade to baste the pork a couple of times then I boiled it in a pot to use as a sauce. I used a bit of water to get the last of the char sui sauce out of the ziplock bag I used to marinade and freeze the meat. I also added a couple dashes of soy sauce to the char sui sauce ’cause I found it a bit sweet.

The cabbage and carrots were just stir fried with a bit of garlic and chicken bouillon. Serve it all with rice or noodles. Tonight we opted for rice. But char sui goes with almost anything. It’s great with wonton noodles.

char sui fan w cabbage & carrots

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