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all i need is a polka dot apron

Friday. 04. 11. 2008.

I was browsing through the Tupperware website when I came across their gelatin mold. How super kitchy is making a molded gelatin dessert? I remember seeing the pre-made versions at the supermarket and wondering what they taste like.

The last time I had jello was when I was still in Canada. Personally I think that the Jello brand jello tastes like ass. I grew up eating Robertson’s mango jelly. But I called it jello despite it not being actual Jello.

I wonder if the Asian supermarkets here sells it. I shall look for it the next time we go to one. We need to go to one soon. We’ve run out of fishballs.

But for those of you who have never had mango flavoured jello, you’re seriously missing out. My mom used to put pieces of mango into the jello when mango is in season. I will be looking forward to gorging myself on mangoes when I go back to Canada for a visit.

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