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mmm mystery meat

Wednesday. 04. 9. 2008.

I’ve never actually had Spam. But I did grow up eating luncheon meat. In Hong Kong, luncheon meat is like a breakfast meat. My dad used to make luncheon meat and eggs on Sunday mornings or put a slice of pan fried luncheon meat in our instant noodle.

You can imagine my excitement when I found luncheon meat at the Middle Eastern supermarket in Jakobsberg. Unfortunately it was not the usual pork luncheon meat we used to get from the Chinese supermarkets. They only offered beef or chicken luncheon meat. Pretty understandable since most of their customers are Muslims.

On Saturday morning, Fredrik and I had a breakfast of luncheon meat, double sunny side up eggs and a slice of toast. I think I prefer the pork version more but this is better than nothing.

Spam-wannabe musubiTonight I made Spam-wannabe musubi with the remainder of the luncheon meat. I encountered the Spam musubi when I was in Oahu but I never ended up trying it. Apparently it’s quite popular there. My dad had one. He didn’t offer any comments on it. I marinaded the remainder luncheon meat in teriyaki sauce and pan fried it. I bought a Spam musubi rice mold while I was in Oahu and tonight I used it for the first time. It’s pretty handy, just put some rice in and squish it till it’s the right shape.

I didn’t sample my experiment because it’s actually part of our lunches tomorrow. I’ll comment on it tomorrow.

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  1. Friday. 04. 11. 2008. 12.17 pm

    Yum! It looks very pretty, can’t wait to hear what it tastes like. I used to eat luncheon meat when I was small. My mum used to fry slices of it. Rather tasty…

    Love your bento box photos by the way…

    Helen Yuet Ling

  2. souvenir kattunge permalink*
    Friday. 04. 11. 2008. 2.06 pm

    Thanks Helen.

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