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gotta get to work!

Wednesday. 04. 2. 2008.

I have a presentation to do next Monday in school and I’m starting to feel a bit worried. I suppose it’s not so bad because I did start sometime last week. But I really haven’t touched it since the weekend before last. Today I put some time into it and I just wasn’t into it. I’m trying to get something done now but as you can see, I’m not exactly working on it while I write this entry. I really need to learn how to be more disciplined. But I have a relatively good reason to not be working on my presentation. I’m waiting for Microsoft to update Office.

Aside from doing work on my presentation, I also have to clean the dishes in my sink, prepare a chicken for roasting and boil potatoes for a potato salad. There’s so much work that needs to be done and unfortunately Fredrik is at the studio doing more editing.

I wish I have the ability to organize my life and stick to the plan. Like the way that I cook, I can attempt to follow a recipe but I usually end up with something slightly different. Luckily, the food turns out just as good if not better. Although I don’t know if that applies to my life. Here’s hoping that it will all turn out just fine. ***knock on wood***

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