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blue potatoes and orange chicken

Thursday. 03. 27. 2008.

If you have never had a blue potato, go out and try it. My first experience was at a paint and fry. Denise and I were at Starsky in Mississauga and decided to give the blue potato a try. We found that it was tastier than a regular potato.

The other day I found blue potatoes at Hemköp. I made potato wedges with them and had it with the “Swing Klubbar” chicken. The chicken was not as good. Some time ago, Fredrik bought some pre marinated chicken wings and they were good. This time we got the pre marinated chicken thighs and I think it might have something to do with the chicken and sauce ratio. But it was a good deal and we can always just spice it more the next time we make it.

When I took a picture of the dinner, it made me think of the new Knorr slogan about eating more colours. Not only was dinner colourful, it was in complimentary colours.




I didn’t eat the whole thigh so I made the leftover drumstick and wedges into lunch for the next day.


bento #09


I brought Consorzio Organic BBQ sauce in the Hello Kitty container. It was a pretty good lunch to have.

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