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face full of metal

Tuesday. 03. 25. 2008.

We’ve all seen them out on the streets. Kids with enough metal in their faces to set off the metal detectors at airports while they’re still at home.

At one point in time I thought I wanted to have all sorts of piercings but then I found out that I’m actually allergic to surgical steel and that the healing part of getting a piercing is a big pain in the ass. I had an eyebrow piercing (my first @ 18) that grew out. My ears are pierced and stretched. I had a lip ring at one point in time. I took the lip ring out because it got rather bothersome trying to drink. When you drink, your lip creates a seal along the edge of the cup. When you have a lip ring, that seal is broken and you end up with coke down the front of your shirt. I had a solution to that problem and that was to use my tongue to make that seal. But it only works for drinks that are not piping hot and I’m a big fan of coffee and tea.

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