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life lessons

Sunday. 03. 23. 2008.

Living on my own, by on my own, I mean, away from my mother, I’ve learned some important things about life. There are some things that just never end. Things like doing laundry, making food, and doing dishes. As Newman puts it, “It never ends!”

Not living at home has also taught me that an en suite washer and dryer is awesome. We have to haul our dirty laundry to a building across the courtyard and book an appointment. If we have a washer and dryer of our own, we can do laundry whenever we want. But we really have no space in our bathroom for a washer and dryer.

Living at my parents’ place also has perks like the guarantee of food. I used to get dinner right after I get home from work. I didn’t have to think about what I wanted to eat. I just ate what my mom made.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love living with Fredrik on our own. It would just be nice to get spoiled every so often and not have to be all grown up.

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