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keeping the cat in

Sunday. 03. 23. 2008.
We’re using 15mm x 27mm wood pieces as the main support. The railings on the balcony is hollow so we can feed the pieces of wood up into the railings on the balcony above us. They don’t even know the wood is there. I secured the wood to our railing with some heavy duty cable ties. We stapled the plastic fencing on to the supports.
I can’t reach the upper portion of the “cage” to staple down the plastic fencing. Fredrik will have to do that when he’s home. Ull is already climbing up the fencing. Little monkey.
At first I was a bit worried that it won’t look very nice but it’s turning out ok. As long as it will keep Ull safe, then it’s all good.
We’re also going to hang some bird feeders to attract some birds. Ull loves to watch the birds. Yesterday when we went out on to the balcony, he saw some magpies and crows. He was a bit frightened because they were his size and flying over his head. He also loves to watch the little birds fly from bush to bush.
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