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omg presentation!

Saturday. 03. 22. 2008.

I’m supposed to deliver a 15 minute oral presentation on one of Sweden’s provinces on April 07. My presentation will be on Jämtland.

I’ve known about this assignment at least 2-3 weeks ago. I just started today. Which I must say, is quite good ’cause normally I leave everything to the last minute. Starting more than 2 weeks before the due date is stepping it up.

I spent the last couple of hours reading between the Swedish and English versions of the information on Jämtland and looking up words in the dictionary.

It’s going ok.

At the same time I’m noticing that there are quite a bit of information missing from the Swedish information. The English version actually goes into more detail. Right now I’m trying to get through the historical aspects and I’ve wondered on many occasions if I’m including too much boring information. But I guess it’s important to know about how Sweden got its hands on Jämtland.

There’s a bit of a lengthy part about prehistoric Jämtland. I’m keeping it ’cause I find it pretty interesting. They have prehistoric rock paintings here! I want to go see one at some point in time.

I think it’s time to take a break and have a cup of tea.

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