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a lonely cat

Friday. 03. 21. 2008.

I made it through the second cup of the Yogi Detox Tea. This time it was not as horrible as the first.

I started to build the “cage” on our balcony for Ull. We have a balcony and what we’re doing is build a fence like thing in the area that has no railing of sorts. It’s so Ull doesn’t make any attempts at flying. I bought a 2.5m roll of plastic fencing but my judgement of distance is unbelievably poor. It was only enough to cover ¼ of the area that needed to be covered. That’s how much I suck. Hopefully we’ll get some more of the plastic fencing this weekend and it will be finished and we can let Ull out into the balcony unescorted.

I took this picture of Ull while he was in the middle of yawning. His teeth are so big!

I was watching a video on youtube of 2 cats talking to each other earlier this evening. Normally Ull doesn’t like the sound of other cats meowing. He didn’t really like Winston. Maybe because he thinks Winston is a big whiner. Who knows what’s going on in his little head.


This video however caused him to react quite differently. He started getting rather curious and kind of sad. He tried to look for the kitties in my laptop. Maybe the cats are saying nice things to each other and he thinks they’re talking to him. But his reaction made Fredrik and I wonder if we should get a second cat.

He does get awfully lonely at times. We’re not exactly the best playmates because we don’t understand fully how he wants us to play with him. That’s probably the reason why he looks at us like we’re idiots. But then there is the problem of how would we be able to find a cat that’s good for Ull. Would we bring him with us when we go check out a kitten so he can pick the friend he wants??? So many questions to be answered…

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