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mmm… meat…

Thursday. 03. 20. 2008.

Fredrik and I went out for dinner last night. It was a bit unplanned but it was a good idea. Both of us have been jonsing for some steak, made the American way. That’s something both of us miss about the stateside. Fredrik located a place in Odenplan called Houston Steakhouse.

At first they put us at a table in the corner next to the bathroom. I asked for a different table in the other dining area. I don’t like sitting next to the bathrooms. The “head” waitress (I’m assuming) didn’t seem to like us very much. Apparently when we first went into the place, Fredrik asked if we could just sit where we want ’cause there was no hostess. The “head” waitress was kind of on the rude side when telling him no. Rude waiters/waitresses are nothing I care too much about since I grew up eating at Chinese places loaded with the rudest waiters/waitresses. Why do you think we tip only 10% when we’re eating at a Chinese place in Toronto???

The atmosphere of the restaurant is a bit sterile. We think it might have to do with the location of the place. As tacky as some of the atmosphere and decor of some of the American steakhouses, it’s warm and friendly feeling. Once again, atmosphere is not something that really concerns me. What REALLY matters is the food.

Fredrik ordered the gentleman’s size (300g) sirloin with potato wedges, bearnaise sauce and garlic mushrooms. I got a lady size (200g) sirloin with wild rice pilaf and roasted vegetables. Each entrée comes with 2 sides. Additional sides are 25kr extra. Unfortunately entrées come with no salad or soup. Instead of the typical loaf of bread, they brought out nacho and salsa.

The steaks came in large plates decorated with a swirl of bbq sauce, a piece of corn on the cob and a piece of lime. I thought that it was a bit pretentious. The sides came in separate bowls. Fredrik got 3 pieces of rather big potato wedges. The mushrooms cooled quickly (something that tends to happen to mushrooms). The rice pilaf was rather watery and the corn could’ve used a skewer of sorts. The taste of the food was really good though. The rice pilaf tasted much better when mixed with the mushrooms and roasted veggies. I think it would’ve been much better if the food was served together in a warm plate.

After the meal, we got coffees and warm pecan pie with vanilla ice cream. I was so happy to have pecan pie. It’s been a long while since I had a slice of pecan pie or butter tart. Love the pecan pie & butter tart.

The whole meal including 1 pepsi, 1 bloody mary, 1 glass of cabernet and 4oz of whiskey came out to 1000kr with tip. It was a bit steep but it was a great experience. It was close to being like on the other side of the pond. I recommend the place for its food.

Another bonus to going to this place is my discovery of a Vietnamese restaurant in Odenplan, Hanoi Bar. The menu may not be as big or extensive as the menus available in the places in Toronto but they have the essentials. I hope we can check it out soon. The last time I had Vietnamese was in November in Oslo.

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  1. sthlmrestaurantreview permalink
    Thursday. 07. 17. 2008. 2.52 pm

    Interesting. I’m glad you had a good experience there. I was rather disappointed with my visit…not many things worse than expensive, cold steak. I suppose I should really review that restaurant in my blog, but I just can’t convince myself to go back…

  2. souvenir kattunge permalink*
    Thursday. 07. 17. 2008. 10.43 pm

    I think I would go back only if I was REALLY craving for an American style steak. But I completely agree with the idea of not many things worse than expensive, cold steak.

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