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teriyaki chicken, spinach, cabbage & carrots (bento #08)

Tuesday. 03. 18. 2008.

Tonight I tried to make teriyaki chicken from scratch. It turned out pretty well. I got the recipe for the teriyaki sauce from Japanese Cooking by Emi Kazuko. The original plan was to make chicken yakitori but then I thought about my incident with skewers this past summer and I decided against the skewering. I got a splinter in my throat from cheap skewers, ending up waiting at the hospital for 4 hours before a doctor came to pluck it out.


Teriyaki sauce is super easy to make. From what I can gather, it’s 1 part soy sauce, 1 part sake, 1 park mirin and 1 part sugar. The recipe had a bit more sugar but I figured that since mirin is already pretty sweet, I can cut down on the sugar. Heat the sauce over the stove to dissolve the sugar and when cooled, marinate the chicken in the sauce for about 30minutes. I broiled the chicken in the oven with some spring onions. Then I brought the marinate to boil over the stove and threw in the chicken before serving to soak up more sauce. Serve with rice.

Tomorrow’s bento will contain teriyaki chicken, rice, cabbage & carrots, and garlic-y spinach. I got the container from Granit. They were having a 3 for 2 sale. The boxes are water/air tight and have 2 inner compartments. Pretty snazzy stuff.

Fredrik will be having the same only with more food.

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