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no bento this week

Friday. 03. 14. 2008.

This week I only had 2 days of school and I managed to make it into only 1 of them.

I missed my usual train, then I missed the train that comes after it. By the time I take the 3rd train to school, I would’ve missed more than 1/2 of the class. So I just decided to stay home. I didn’t miss much anyways.

I neglected to make a bento box for the second day of school and I ended up feeling so hungry I was ready to eat my hand.

Now I know that I MUST bring some sort of food to school because it’s just too long of a wait. I eat my breakfast at 7:00am and don’t get home till 2:00 (2:30 if I have to take the public transport home).

Unfortunately I’ve been feeling not very culinary lately. I feel like I’ve run out of ideas for cooking. That’s probably why I end up not making enough both dinner and the next day’s bento. But I guess I can always fall back on a sandwich bento of sorts. I haven’t had a crayfish sandwich in a while.

Fredrik came home last night with a big package of ground beef last night. We’ve wanted to make bolognese for quite some time but the price of ground beef has been relatively high. Now I can make a big batch of bolognese and test out my plans for Jamaican patties.

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