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smart little cat

Tuesday. 03. 11. 2008.

I got this nifty little sprout growing device from Bauhaus today.

Yes, there is a store called Bauhaus. In fact, it is a hardware store, a hardware store that is more like Home Depot. Pretty cool name.


So I got this nifty sprout growing device. You spread the seeds out on to this meshy tray and put water in the tray underneath. Ull watched me do all this. I went to put the tray away and I heard him playing with the additional seed packages. I thought he was just pushing it around and what not but when I went to check what he was up to, I found 1 package missing. I turn around to find him sitting by his water bowl pushing something around. Apparently he decided that he was going to replicate what I was doing. Pretty smart kitty.

Unfortunately he punctured the package and the seeds got wet so I had to add them to the seeds I already had in the tray. But still, it was pretty cool. I wonder what he was thinking. Maybe he thought he can grow some meat.

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