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European fast food

Tuesday. 03. 11. 2008.

If you have ever been to Europe, you will know what a kebab is. For us North Americans, kebab is strange and somewhat exotic.

kebab med bröd

I cannot tell you what kind of meat the kebab meat is made of. Not because I want to be mean but because I have no idea what kind of meat it is. It sounds a bit gross but it’s actually not that gross at all. In fact, on lazy days (and days with hangovers), a kebab can be quite delicious.

The kebab shop near our place bakes their own kebab bread and I must say, freshly baked kebab bread is really awesome. So this bread is stuffed with mystery meat, chopped iceberg lettuce, and onions. Then a scoopful of garlic sauce and tomato sauce is poured into the kebab. To top it all off, they stick in a slice (a whole slice!) of tomato and a pickled pepper (fefferoni).

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