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Sunday. 03. 9. 2008.

Today I went out with Emmanuelle for some roaming around the city and good ol’ fashion fika.

Fredrik was in the recording studio recording for the new This Ending album.

I wasn’t planning on any purchases but I came home with a bag full of goodies. There was a buy 3 for the price of 2 at Granit on some water/air tight plastic containers. Some even included dividing containers. So I got 3 boxes that had 2 dividing containers in each. They had bigger ones (bigger than the ones I bought) that would be perfect for bento but they were pretty big and was not too practical in our household because I don’t need a bento that big.

I also got myself a couple of bras. I know I have sworn that I will not put on another bra unless it was necessary. No bra is just simply so much nicer. But these bras were super cute. One is Snoopy and the other is Hello Kitty. I got both from H&M. I still prefer not wearing a bra nonetheless. I wore one on Tuesday because I’ve lost some weight since moving to Sweden and the shirt I was wearing was kind of thin. I WAS SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!

Sometime ago in Maki’s blog Just Bento, she did a piece on Muji’s plain bento boxes. I went to Åhléns (big ritzy-ish Swedish department store) to check out the bento boxes. The boxes are nice but what I really want is the tamago pan. Who would’ve thought? It’s at a pretty reasonable price too. I didn’t end up getting it because it’s not really something I need right now but eventually I would like to get it.

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