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Sunday. 03. 9. 2008.

A friend of mine told me the other day that there was a discussion in my old SFI class regarding the topic of female circumcisions (aka female genital mutilation). It started with an article brought in by one of the students. It erupted into a full blown debate when 2 women from Africa (one from Somalia and the other from Kenya) argued that it’s something that is perfectly normal.

It hurts my brain to know that someone I know would defend something as horrible as female circumcision.

I don’t even agree with male circumcisions. Mind you, there are times when it is entirely medically necessary. Sometimes the forskin is too small for the tip of the penis and that’s when it needs to be done. Babies are strapped down and have the proceedure performed without anesthetics. Some argue that it’s cleaner to have a circumcised penis. There are many men who don’t have their forskins removed, are their penises falling off because they’re not clean? Last time I checked, the answer is no.

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