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slacking off

Friday. 03. 7. 2008.

I’ve slacked off on the last couple of school days with the bento making. Fredrik made a moose fried rice on Monday night and since I wasn’t such a big fan of the gamy taste, I decided not to bring any of the left overs for lunch the next day. Then on Tuesday night, Fredrik and I went to see Himsa at Klubben. We ate before we went to the show but there was nothing left over so again I didn’t make another bento box.

The Himsa show was pretty good. I wasn’t into the opening bands very much. One of the bands that opened was just a big joke. I wouldn’t be able to tell you if the music was any good since their singer was such a spectacle that it totally took all the attention away. It was a very small show with lots of kids. Some of them tried hardcore dancing but they obviously didn’t practice enough because one of them crashed right into some friends of ours and Fredrik. After the show, Fredrik and I hung out with Himsa for a bit and went to a bar with their drummer. I took a tiny pineapple from their dressing room. I think it might be the smallest pineapple I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately I didn’t get to eat it because it was already mushy. Ull thought it was pretty cool too.

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