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gym-ing & bento #06

Monday. 03. 3. 2008.

Fredrik and I went to the gym today. Sometime in August, we got memberships for the gym and pool. Unfortunately, I cannot say that they have been put to good use. I went swimming a couple of times but that wasn’t lasting. Fredrik was on tour so he couldn’t have really gone to the gym or gone swimming. I was also in NO mood to go to the gym or go swimming during construction. But today we went and it was pretty good.

I took it pretty easy. I’ve learned over the last couple of years that I am NOT 12 anymore. I used to go all out on the first day I go to the gym, then I feel like shit the next day and that deters me from going back more often. This time I started with about 30-40 minutes of working out. I will work slowly towards spending more time. It felt pretty good to be doing something active though.

Fredrik made älg (moose) and rice for dinner tonight. It’s my first time having moose. I thought it was pretty good but it’s a bit gamey and I can’t really see myself eating a big chunk of it.


Today’s bento was chicken curry with peas, carrots & onions, white rice, a couple slices of cucumber and a wedge of La Vache Qui Rit. I think the cucumber went bad. I was wondering about that last night when I was cutting the slices. I threw out the remainder of the cucumber. It’s been sitting in my fridge for over 3 weeks. I think it was time.

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