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getting better at it (bento #03)

Sunday. 02. 24. 2008.

I’m very proud of the bento that I made for tomorrow. It looks almost as good as the bentos that I’ve seen others make.

The noodles and shrimps were also part of our dinner. It was egg noodles with chicken, Thai wok veggies and “Lime Wok Spice Mix”. I made the garlic-y shrimps with the spicy bake mix. There’s also black bean chicken with veggies in the paper muffin cups, it was left over from bento #2. To fill in the remaining space there’s cuccumber slices and a wedge of La Vache Qui Rit.

I also packed a bento for Fredrik. Although not in a cutesy box. He’s too metal for a cutesy box. 😉 He has the same stuff as I do except he’s also got a layer of left over curry fried rice over the black bean chicken and no wedge of La Vache Qui Rit. He doesn’t like the processed cheese.

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