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a most awesome day (bento #02)

Friday. 02. 22. 2008.

Not only did we get to take our first shower, Fredrik and I went into town and he bought me a new corset. It’s pin stripped with pvc details. It’ll look great with the leather dress I made in 3rd year. I love wearing corsets. The unfortunate thing about corsets is that they can be rather pricey if you want a quality made one. I keep telling myself that I should make myself one but that never really goes anywhere. I’ve got at least 3 corsets that are in the midst of production.

While in the city, we also picked up some chai mix from Taj Mahal Livs and mango foaming bath from The Body Shop.

Tomorrow I will have my 2nd bento. This one is also made of leftovers. I made black bean chicken with veggies and rice for dinner. I kept wondering if I was making too much food while I was cooking but then I reminded myself that I needed to make the extra food because I needed to feed Fredrik and myself tomorrow for lunch. In the end it was enough food to feed us both tonight, tomorrow and still a bit left if either one of us get hungry after school/rehearsal.

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