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so full of Indian food

Friday. 02. 15. 2008.

Fredrik and I went out for dinner tonight at Indian Inn in Hornstull. The last time we went was 2 years ago.

The food was just as good as the first time we had it. Although they took out the appetizer that we tried out. I can’t remember name of the appetizer but I do remember that it was this puffy fried doughy-ness with shrimp and veggies. It was really good.

We got the mixed sizlar, lamm madras, paratha, garlic naan and rice. It was so very yummy and filling. Fredrik and I are accustomed to eating like the Chinese where we share the entrées. It’s more fun that way. Who wants to get stuck with only 1 dish? It’s always more fun to share.

The meal was followed by coffee and a big pot of chai. I would like to make my own chai one day. Ryan knows how to make chai. He says that it takes a while to boil but it’s worth the wait. But we still used to get our chai lattes at Starbucks.

Hopefully the upcoming week will be the LAST week of construction. I cannot wait to take my first shower!

All our bathroom is missing is the bathtub. We have a toilet, a sink, all the faucets and tiles. The pipes under our kitchen sink are also all connected. Fredrik says that they’ll be putting down something to cover the dirty wood in our cupboard. It just sounds like putting down a carpet to cover dirt. But whatever, it’s under the sink and we usually keep our recycling and garbage there. At least they’re doing something about it instead of leaving it dirty and gross.

Tomorrow we’ll be sleeping in provided that Ull doesn’t wake us up at 7am. (π_π)

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