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to the vet we went!

Thursday. 01. 31. 2008.

Tonight we took Ull to the vet. There was a bunch of people waiting in the waiting room and Ull got first encounter with a dog. He hissed a bit when a puppy went up to his carrier to check him out. At first he was a little frightened but after a while he got used to the other animals and watched them quietly from his carrier.

Ever since we got that Feliway stuff and sprayed it in Ull’s carrier, he’s been hanging out in his box. Today I stayed home with him and he spent most of the day sleeping in his carrier. I’m glad he likes his carrier.


So the vet took a look at Ull and it seems that he’s got a cold and some sort of infection. He got his temperature taken for the first time and let me tell you, he did NOT like it. Mind you, who likes that sort of thing? I received some deep scratches from it but scratches don’t even bother me now. The vet gave us a prescription for antibiotics and gave him a shot of antibiotics ’cause we can’t get the meds till tomorrow.

He’s sleeping in his cat tree right now. Our poor little kitten.

On another note, I think they will start installing the tiles tomorrow. There are boxes of tiles down stairs and it seems that they sorted out the electrical in the bathroom today. I cannot wait till all this is done. I want a toilet that isn’t a people litter box and a shower that isn’t located at the community centre! I also want to be able to let our cat wander around the house without us having to vacuum the floor for bits of concrete first!

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