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home but not really

Monday. 01. 28. 2008.

As I’ve mentioned before about Ull’s dislike to be in the car. Today we’re trying out how well he’ll handle being in our bedroom by himself.

We’ve moved his chair and blanket into the bedroom along with his litter box, food, toys and whatever else we can think of that he may want. I’ve also left the balcony door cracked open for fresh air.

Our bedroom is much bigger than the cage/kennel he had to stay at in the cat boarding house. It also belongs to him. I think he’ll be ok.

I vacated the room when Fredrik left for rehearsal. I figure we would keep it consistent for Ull.

We still have about 3 weeks worth of work on our bathroom/kitchen. It’s very hard to resist the urge to go check how he’s doing.

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