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Construction day 4

Tuesday. 01. 22. 2008.

Tomorrow Ull will be heading off to the cat boarding house. I hope he won’t be too homesick. I hope that Fredrik and I won’t be too sad because Ull’s not going to be home home.

Tomorrow will also be my first day of school. I’m a bit nervous but I’m more excited about the learning and being back in school. I didn’t know this before I took that chemistry night school but I really like school and learning. When I’m not in school learning stuff, I feel like my brain cells are fading away.

I went to the Central Station today to get myself a 10 ride pass for the train I will have to take everyday. It sounds a bit complicated but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Tomorrow I will have to get up at 6:45 am to get myself to the train station in time for the 7:44 train. 😦

I guess today’s construction workers were in a bit of a hurry because they left a small pile of wall on our floor and their extension cord and power bar out. It seems that we have no heat in half of our flat. Maybe they turned it off to fix something. I hope that they will get it back on tomorrow. At least the radiator in our bedroom works. It would really suck if there was absolutely no heat in our flat. It’s much colder today than the past few days.

My tonsils have decided to join the sinuses. They are hurting now. I hope that it’s not an infection but just my body acting like a lint trap. I can’t wait till we get that waterpik but we must wait till we have a bathroom to use it in. I’ve been using my sinus rinsing syringe whenever I’m over at Fredrik’s aunt’s place. It’s helping but coming home to a dusty home counteracts the cleaning.

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