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construction day 3

Monday. 01. 21. 2008.

My sinuses started to act up last night. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with all the dust from construction.

I spent the day over at Fredrik’s aunt’s place with Ull. I spent most of the day because the sinus pain started to spread to the throat and I just felt like shit.

Fredrik and I have decided that Ull will have to go off to boarding. It’s simply way too dusty here. He’s actually been having rather runny poo and we think that it may have something to do with construction. He gets into places we may have neglected to vacuum and then he licks himself and eats all the dust that end up on his fur. It’s just not good for him. At least if Fredrik and I got sick, we can express ourselves and go to the doctors. Ull can only rely on us to notice that he’s not feeling well. We just hope that we can find a boarding house that is less than 1hr drive from our place with available space.

The dust is getting to both Fredrik and I. I can only hope that we don’t go totally insane from it. We looked into the closet that is directly beside the bathroom and everything is covered in dust! Had we known that it was going to happen, we would’ve cleared out the stuff inside or covered it in plastic. :-\

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