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It is done.

Saturday. 01. 19. 2008.

Well I did it. I went and got a haircut. My once dry and splity waist length hair is no more.

before the haircut

I went to the place that my friend had recommended but they could only fit me in at 2 and I didn’t really want to wait around the mall for an hour. So I went to another salon. My hairdresser was just super. She is the first person who realizes that my hair is curly and knows what to do with it. She also pointed out that my forehead is rather short and bangs would not look very nice.

And here is the final result.

post haircut

I rather like the haircut. It feels weird to have shorter hair. Fredrik pointed out that at least now I won’t sit or lie down on my hair anymore.

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  1. Monday. 01. 21. 2008. 10.25 pm


    I’ve seen you around wordpress and wanted to say hi. You seem to be one of the only other (english speaking) expat’s here in Sweden with an active blog. I like your stuff. Nice to know someone else is out there.

    Nice new do. 🙂

    Cheers – Dish

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