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i’m gonna go for it

Friday. 01. 18. 2008.

I’ve been thinking about getting my hair cut for the past few months. I could use a trim since the last time I had my hair cut was around 3 years ago.

I’ve been browsing on the internet looking for something that might look good on me. Right now I’ve narrowed down to 3 looks. They’re pretty similar to each other. I hope that it will look good on me. I’m gonna go to the hairdressers tomorrow.

hairstyle1.jpg hairstyle2.jpg hairstyle3.jpg

I’ve thought about cutting my hair super short like I usually do after years of growing out my hair but Fredrik quickly pouted when I told him about my idea. I was also thinking that I don’t want a hairstyle that required me putting any products in my hair. I hate the feeling of having hairstyling products in my hair. I can get my hair to be curly/wavy by just not blow drying or brushing my hair.

The place I’m planning on getting my hair cut was recommended by my friend in SFI. She says that the hairdresser was Iranian and understands how to handle thick hair.

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