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construction day 2

Friday. 01. 18. 2008.

Today Ull is staying home with me. He seems to be doing alright despite all the noise. He’s in a comforter cave right now. Fredrik’s aunt isn’t home today so Ull had to stay home with me. We’ve been confined to the comforts of our crowded bedroom. Our bathroom no longer has tiles on the walls.

I was thinking last night about how we have only been given 3 of these people litter boxes (refer to construction day 1). People are supposed to come take the litter box away once a week. So hopefully construction will only last for 3 weeks and then we can have our flat back with a new bathroom and kitchen faucet and pipes.

They say that the drilling will only last for 1 week but back in October I think drilling lasted longer than 1 week. I guess we’ll see what happens.

I’m really looking forward to having a bathtub. I wonder how Ull will feel about this new item in our bathroom. I suggested to Fredrik that maybe Ull will learn how to swim and dive.

Yesterday Fredrik and I went to Västerås to check out the school I’ll be starting next week. It looks pretty spiffy. I needed to check out where the school was in relations to the train station and I suppose also the school overall.

The town looks nice. It kind of makes me think of Hamilton (I was going to summer school this past summer in Hamilton) only it’s much smaller. I think that when it gets warmer, I’ll bring my bike to Västerås and use that to get around town. I suppose I COULD do that now since it’s been so warm lately, but I think I’ll wait.

I still don’t know what my schedule will look like. I’m supposed to get it on the first day. It seems a bit ass backwards to me but what can I do. I hope that school will be fun and not turn out like that dream that I had a few weeks back. I also hope that I’ll be able to make some lunches despite the conditions of our flat.

They seem to have started drilling in the flat above us since it sounds like they’re going to break through into our room via the ceiling.

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