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an observation

Sunday. 01. 13. 2008.

In Canada I had a Snoopy bento box that I hardly used. It was a 2 tiered bento box that was kept shut with a bento belt. I used it a couple of times but found that it was not very well designed. There were no seals on the box. Even pieces of fruit were not safe. But I liked the box because I like Snoopy.

I was looking at my bento boxes today and I noticed that all the multi level Japanese bento boxes had a secondary lid for the tier on the bottom. The smaller bento box that was not Japanese did not have a lid for the bottom tier. I will be more careful in my future bento box selections. The lid for the bottom tier is very important because when there is food in the bottom tier but no lid, the food will touch and make the bottom of the top tier dirty.

Now I just need to find space in my kitchen to store all my bento items.

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