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It was worth it.

Thursday. 01. 3. 2008.

I was so sick yesterday. I spent most of the day in bed. Although I suppose I wasn’t too sick to squeeze in some time to play Super Paper Mario on Wii. Super Paper Mario was a lot of fun although I think there might be something wrong with my copy because it crashes after a certain point in the game.

Anyways. Notices for packages came yesterday but I didn’t venture out till today. What a fine day to be out venturing. It’s snowing! There’s snow everywhere! But it was all worth it.
2 boxes came and look at all the wonderful goodies inside.

There are 3 3-tiered bento boxes, 2 single tiered boxes, 1 fancy box that’s perfect for onigiri, 6 egg molds, 2 sets of chopsticks, and an assortment of other accessories like bags and sauce containers. I can’t wait to make my first bento lunch. With so many cute things, I am sure to be motivated to bring a cute lunch everyday.

Fredrik landed in Australia today. He gave me a quick call when he was in Melbourne waiting for his next flight. I think the travelling time was well over 20 hours. 😐

Today I’m feeling somewhat better. My throat/tonsil area is hurting tho. I hope it goes away soon. At least I’m not feverish like I was yesterday and last night. Ull’s been a darling. He hasn’t been too fussy and is ok with me sleeping so much.

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