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Sunday. 12. 30. 2007.

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My first attempt at tonkatsu (Japanese deep fried pork cutlet) turned out rather well. I used a pork chop that I had in my freezer.

First I baked the pork chop in the oven. I find that if you are going to deep fry meat and the cut is not thin, it’s best to cook it briefly before you batter/cover it with bread crumbs to fry. The crumbs/batter will burn before the meat gets cooked.

I cut the bone off and sliced the pork chop into 2 thinner pieces. I seasoned it with some Knorr hot & spicy seasoning, dipped it in egg and then covered it with panko.

Then I fried the pieces till they are golden brown. I know I should’ve deep fried it but I didn’t want to deep dry tonight. I just pan fried it. The tonkatsu may have turned out better had I deep fried it but the pan frying turned out just as well. I think I will try chicken katsu next.

Fredrik approves of the tonkatsu. I will perfect it in time.

I used a recipe from as a rough guideline of what I should be doing.

We had it with some leftover curry that Fredrik made last night. There was no more chicken left but there was potatoes, onions and yellow peppers.

leftover curry

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