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Pictures of our 1st jul

Friday. 12. 28. 2007.

The Swedish celebrate jul (Yule in English). For jul, we eat ham, Janssons frestelse, laxpudding and drink glögg. Fredrik and I did not drink glögg in our own jul.

ham covered in mustard
We boiled the ham the night before with some onion, carrot, peppercorn, bay leaf and assorted spices. Then we cover it in a mustard and egg mixture.

after the mustard, comes the bread crumbs
After the mustard, we cover it in bread crumbs and pop it into the oven for 15-20 minutes.

carving the ham
The ham is served cold. I like it both cold and warm, with lots of mustard and apple sauce.

cold food
We started with the cold food which included an assortment of smoked lax and eel, assorted eggs, and an assortment of sill. I’ve actually started to like the sill.

sill & potato
We had 5 kinds of sill. Mustard, garlic, onion, dill and tomato. They tasted better with a bit of potato.

warm food
After the cold food, we had the warm food. There was laxpudding, Janssons frestelse, julskinka (although not warm), prinskorv, meatballs, and ribs (which I made with char sui sauce).

Ull got some un-marinated pork for jul. He really liked that.

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