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to beat the crap out of each other

Tuesday. 12. 25. 2007.

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it today!

Fredrik and I are at home ’cause nothing is open today. Well, we spent yesterday at home too. But there is really not much else today.

Right now we’re playing with our new Wii. We just tried out the boxing game and it’s awesome! It will be fun when both of us can play at the same time. Here’s hoping that neither of us will accidentally knock out the other person because we’re playing too close. The living room is a tad crowded at the moment.

Tomorrow we’re going to attempt to go into the city to get some new games. Hopefully we’ll get Guitar Hero III and I want to get Paper Mario.
Fredrik has Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube but the 3D-ness is a total pain in the ass. We have gotten NOWHERE in that game. We both prefer games without having to deal with orientation. Trying to figure out how to face forward is a total pain in the ass.

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